cbn insert which type of grades for high efficiency

  • guide to cbn & pcd turning inserts


    strength. With high crater wear resistance CBN grades and a wear resistant ceramic coatings, longer tool life and improved machine efficiency are obtained. COATED CBN SERIES Grade Grade Features and Application High efficiency coated CBN Incleased cutting edge strength and high crater wear resistant CBN grade in combination with a

  • cbn inserts | north american carbide

    CBN Inserts | North American Carbide

    Cubic Boron Nitride Inserts. CBN is an artificially synthesized material exceeded in hardness only by diamond, while still offering superior wear resistance to Carbide in certain applications. North American Carbide offers over 20 grades of CBN, allowing us to find the perfect choice based on your application. Common Applications for CBN. Alloy steels

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    •MB710 and MB730 for cast iron cutting. •BC5030 for high speed machining of cast irons now available. •Due to the combination of the BC5030 insert geometry and the AOX allows the use of up to 16 corners per insert, enabling cost effective high efficiency machining.

  • cbn grades for hard turning bnc2010 / bnc2020

    CBN Grades for Hard Turning BNC2010 / BNC2020

    • The strength of CBN particles provides excellent chipping resistance, ensures stable performance and long tool life in high efficiency and interrupted machining of hardened steel Application Example #2 Application Example #1 BNC2020 BNC2020 Structure Application Example Cutting Conditions: Part Material: 4115 Steel HRC58-62 Insert: 4NC

  • cbn/pcd tools - sumitomo

    CBN/PCD Tools - Sumitomo

    in a new generation of high performance grades. With economy in mind the new inserts are multi cornered. Choose the coated insert suitable for your application and take your hard part machining operations to the new industry standard. General New generation Sumiboron inserts – an even better way to machine hardened steels High precision continuous cutting High efficiency general purpose

  • insert grades - kyocera asia-pacific

    Insert Grades - KYOCERA Asia-Pacific

    CBN Summary of Insert Grades Kyocera promotes research and development to help improve customers' productivity and profitability. Kyocera provides high-quality inserts in various grades including Cermet, Coated Carbide, Coated Super Micro Grain Carbide, Carbide, Ceramic, PCD and CBN. Turning PV7020 TC60M TN6010 TN610 TN60 TN620 PV720 TN6020 TN620 PV720 TN6020

  • guide to cbn & pcd turning inserts


    TYPE INSERT DIMENSIONS INSERT GRADES STOCK STATUS TITLE OF PRODUCT ACCORDING TO THE INSERT TYPE PRODUCT SECTION High efficiency coated CBN Incleased cutting edge strength and high crater wear resistant CBN grade in combination with a highly wear resistant TiAlN coating, results in longer tool life and improved machining efficiency

  • ncb100 binderless cbn grade - sumitomo electric hartmetall

    NCB100 Binderless CBN grade - SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hartmetall

    • Grades for high-efficiency machining & longer tool life • One-use insert break master with chipbreaker types: NFV for finishing, NLV for light cutting, NSV for carburised layer removal WG/WH wiper for high efficiency, good surface quality. Product details Homepage Datasheet Product request. 0. DA1000 - SUMIDIA

  • bn7500 - sumitomo electric carbide, inc.

    BN7500 - Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc.

    Uncoated CBN grade for high precision, high efficiency machining of powdered metal Extra sharp edge that is able to provide a high quality machined surface. HS Type: Extra tough edge for heavy interrupted machining Insert Availability-NEGATIVE Insert Availability-POSITIVE

  • solid cbn inserts turning brake discs with high efficiency

    Solid CBN inserts turning Brake Discs with high efficiency

    The main advantages are high efficiency, high quality and high precision .For example, Halnn BN-S30 and BN-K20 CBN insert, which is researched non-metal adhesive solid cbn cutting tools specific to brake discs Halnn is a professional china cbn insert which include design, produce and service. In 2007, Halnn already launched BN-S30 solid cbn

  • sumitomo electric hardmetal


    100% Solid CBN structure for high speed finishing to roughing of Grey Cast Iron. Excellent balance of wear resistance and toughness to achieve high precision machining. All corners of the insert, along with the whole cutting edge length, can be utilized. Used with specially designed RM type milling cutter for high speed roughing of Grey Cast Iron.

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    High-Speed and High-Efficient Cutter for Aluminum Alloy Achieves high-speed and high-efficiency aluminum alloy machining. Debut of new series with cutter diameter φ32 to φ160mm body and 6 types of cutting edge. Breaks chips, with more efficient coolant supply due to adopting bradethrough coolant.

  • cbn inserts - the right choice for machining the cylinder

    CBN Inserts - The right choice for machining the cylinder

    For the engine cylinder liner, Halnn researched BN-S300 solid cbn insert grade, which can achieve high efficiency and lower the costs. BN-S300 is solid cbn insert, is installed on the indexable tool holder, which is easily operate.

  • tools news b084a ; cbninsert series

    TOOLS NEWS B084A ; CBNInsert Series

    Coated CBN Grade (1st recommendation) Non Coated CBN Grade Selecting the insert grade and honing type Grade application area Provide the optimum insert for the material and cutting mode required ( system). CBN Inserts for Hardened Steel (Gear Steel) Coated CBN for High Speed Continuous Cutting Hard grade with the use of micro-grain CBN.

  • mitsubishi materials corporation cbn(sintered cbn)


    CBN (High Content) Co Base Alloy – BC5030: For high-speed machining at large depths of cut High-speed interrupted machining at large depths of cut: High CBN content and high thermal conductivity. The whole insert is composed of sintered CBN. This enables high speed, high efficiency machining at larger depths of cut.

  • for hardened steels | downloads | sumitomo electric hardmetal

    for Hardened Steels | Downloads | SUMITOMO ELECTRIC HARDMETAL

    Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal, Global Web Site, Cutting Tools, Products News, PDF, Catalog, Brochure, CAD, dxf, stp, 2D, 3D, STEP, Dimond Tools, CBN Tools, Laser Optics

  • pcd / cbn tools - sei carbide australia

    PCD / CBN Tools - SEI Carbide Australia

    High speed, high efficiency milling cutter for Cast Iron finishing. Utilizing super tough SUMIBORON insert grades for excellent wear and fracture resistance. Holders range from Dia37mm to Dia315mm in shank and shell type cutter bodies.

  • china pcbn inserts manufacturers, suppliers - buy best

    China PCBN Inserts Manufacturers, Suppliers - Buy Best

    Product Introduction: PCBN is a synthesis of CBN powder and special binder under ultra-high pressure and high temperature conditions. PCBN has high hardness, high thermal stability and high chemical inertness, mainly suited to machining in hardened steel with hardness above HRC45 (eg carbon tool steel, bearing steel and die steel, etc.) , gray cast iron, high hardness cast iron, Ni-based, Co

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