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  • diamond | gemstone | britannica - encyclopedia britannica

    Diamond | gemstone | Britannica - Encyclopedia Britannica

    A properly cut diamond will return a greater amount of light to the eye of the observer than will a gem of lesser refractive power and will thus appear more brilliant. The high dispersion gives diamonds their fire, which is caused by the separation of white light into the colours of the spectrum as it passes through the stone.

  • construction - concrete | britannica

    Construction - Concrete | Britannica

    Construction - Construction - Concrete: Reinforced concrete is also a major structural material in these buildings. Indeed, outside of North America and western Europe, it is the dominant industrialized building material. Its component parts are readily available throughout the world at fairly low cost. Portland cement is easily manufactured by burning shale and limestone; aggregates such as

  • concrete diamond discs

    Concrete Diamond Discs

    Buy products related to concrete diamond discs and see what customers say about concrete diamond discs on Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. AUTOTOOLHOME 4 1/2-inch Diamond Blade Angle Grinder Dry Cutting Wheel Grinding Stone Brick Concrete Ceramic Tile Cut off Wheels Disc

  • concrete grinding discs

    concrete grinding discs

    SUNJOYCO 4" Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel, 12-Segment Heavy Duty Turbo Row Concrete Grinding Wheel Angle Grinder Disc for Granite Stone Marble Masonry Concrete 4.3 out of 5 stars 250 $9.99 $ 9 . 99 $12.99 $12.99

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  • the best diamond cutting disc for concrete 2017 | reviews

    The best diamond cutting disc for concrete 2017 | Reviews

    Blue Spot Tools 19549 2 Piece 9 Inch Diamond Cutting Disc Set. Specially designed to provide fast and accurate dry cutting with a high resistance to breakage and long lasting durability. Ideal for many materials including roof tiles, high density concrete, kerb stones, slabs, pipes and bricks.

  • diamond cutting discs - hilti south africa

    Diamond Cutting Discs - Hilti South Africa

    Find out how our diamond cutting discs are designed for maximum speed, lifetime and better handling when cutting in concrete and other minerals. Base material: Concrete, Masonry, Natural stone, Cement; Product class: Ultimate; From ZAR 1,661.44. Compare (1) SP-SL

  • diamond tools for concrete & construction | diamond

    Diamond Tools for Concrete & Construction | Diamond

    Concrete & Construction Diamond Productions is an industry leader in manufacturing unique diamond tooling systems for concrete floor preparation, floor restoration, and concrete polishing. We engineer and build trend-setting tools and mounting systems for various machines and applications.

  • diamond blades | cutting & blades

    Diamond Blades | Cutting & Blades

    Diamond blades have small diamonds embedded in a metal coating on its cutting edge, as the blade rotates through the material the diamonds will grind the material away. The segment height determines the depth of diamonds, as you use the blade the diamond segments wear down therefore the larger the segment height, the greater the diamonds, keeping the blade sharper for longer.

  • diamond cutting discs - hilti australia

    Diamond Cutting Discs - Hilti Australia

    Diamond Cutting Discs. Find out how our diamond cutting discs are designed for maximum speed, lifetime and better handling when cutting in concrete and other minerals

  • abrasive | material - encyclopedia britannica

    Abrasive | material - Encyclopedia Britannica

    Abrasive, sharp, hard material used to wear away the surface of softer, less resistant materials.Included within the term are both natural and synthetic substances, ranging from the relatively soft particles used in household cleansers and jeweler’s polish to the hardest known material, the diamond. Abrasives are indispensable to the manufacture of nearly every product made today.

  • 1911 encyclopædia britannica/concrete (material

    1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Concrete (material

    The concrete itself should always be the very best quality, and Portland cement should be used on account of its superiority to all others. The aggregate should be the best obtainable and of different sizes, the stones being freshly crushed and screened to pass through a 7 / 8 in. ring. Very special care should be taken so to proportion the sand as to make a perfectly impervious mixture.

  • materials | britannica - encyclopedia britannica | britannica

    Materials | Britannica - Encyclopedia Britannica | Britannica

    Sculpture - Sculpture - Materials: Any material that can be shaped in three dimensions can be used sculpturally. Certain materials, by virtue of their structural and aesthetic properties and their availability, have proved especially suitable. The most important of these are stone, wood, metal, clay, ivory, and plaster. There are also a number of materials of secondary importance and many that

  • bosch professional 2608602196 standard for concrete

    Bosch Professional 2608602196 Standard for Concrete

    Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop Bosch Professional 2608602196 Standard for Concrete Diamond Cutting disc, Silver/Grey, 115 mm.

  • diamond blades: dry cutting and wet cutting

    Diamond blades: dry cutting and wet cutting

    Diamond cutting blades are made up of diamonds arrange in a metal matrix. It is a synthetic tool use for cutting, slicing, wafering, slabbing, singulation, cross sectioning, cut-off, rough cutting application, grooving, slotting and so on. Diamond cutting blades can either be bonded through sintered metal powder, a segment or rim, and a metal core.

  • b10 diamond wheel for cutting concrete & pavers | stihl usa

    B10 Diamond Wheel for Cutting Concrete & Pavers | STIHL USA

    Available in multiple sizes, the economy grade diamond wheel provides maximum durability to cut concrete, pavers & cinder block. Find a Specific Product: Cut-off Machines D-B 10 Diamond Wheel for Concrete - Economy Grade *.

  • cutting - affordable diamond tooling for stone masonry

    Cutting - Affordable Diamond Tooling for Stone Masonry

    Diamond cutting blade supplies from ATS Diamond Tools are engineered for porcelain, quartz, Bushboard M Stone, Granite, Marble, Brick, Masonry & Concrete We are open for business as usual. All orders placed before 4pm on our website are being processed and dispatched same day.

  • cutting discs - metal, stone, concrete & steel

    Cutting Discs - Metal, Stone, Concrete & Steel

    Get a smooth, precision cut with the Toolstation range of cutting discs. View metal, stone, concrete, steel and aluminium cutting discs here. Free delivery

  • stihl diamond cutting wheels | stihl usa

    STIHL Diamond Cutting Wheels | STIHL USA

    STIHL quality diamond wheels are designed to maximize the performance of your STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine for high-speed cutting of the most demanding materials found on your worksite. Ensure your machine is able to deliver optimum performance on a wide range of sizes and composites by pairing it with the correct wheel.

  • concrete tool rentals - tool rental

    Concrete Tool Rentals - Tool Rental

    An ideal cutting solution for metal decking, angle iron, i-beams, cast iron pipe, brick/masonry, stone/concrete blocks, railroad rails, road curbs, and asphalt. Engineered for industrial performance but with less weight at only 19.6 lbs.

  • saw


    As diamond is a superhard material, diamond saw blades can be used to cut hard brittle or abrasive materials, for example, stone, concrete, asphalt, bricks, ceramics, glass, semiconductor and gem stone. There are many methods used to fix the diamonds onto the blades' base and there are various kinds of diamond saw blades for different purposes.

  • stone cutting disc

    Stone Cutting Disc

    Stone Cutting Disc Top Selected Products and Reviews Silverline 589673 Concrete and Stone Cutting Diamond Blade 230 x 22.2 mm

  • diamond blades & cutting discs at toolstation | page 3

    Diamond Blades & Cutting Discs at Toolstation | Page 3

    Diamond blades are essential for the construction industry; the blade has synthetic diamonds in its outer edge to improve the cutting of all kinds of materials. As diamond is one of the hardest materials and extremely effective for cutting stone, concrete, bricks, ceramics and even some non-ferrous metals.

  • diamond blade guide- segmented, turbo, continuous

    Diamond Blade Guide- Segmented, Turbo, Continuous

    Diamond Blade Buying Guide Segmented, Continuous Rim and Turbo Blades Diamond blades are available with different rim or edge configurations including segmented, continuous, and turbo with the type of rim affecting how the blade cuts. The segments or rim are fixed to the blade through the process of brazing, laser welding, or sintering.

  • cutting concrete with a circular saw

    Cutting Concrete with a Circular Saw

    In this video, we are cutting concrete with a circular saw aka skil saw. The blade that I am using is a Bosch DB741C 7-Inch Premium Segmented Diamond Blade. These blades can be used to cut cement

  • how to sharpen a diamond blade | simasa uk

    How to sharpen a diamond blade | SIMASA UK

    How to sharpen diamond saw blades – diamond blade sharpener. The most novice-friendly diamond blade sharpener option for dressing the blade is something called a dressing stone or rubbing stone.These are basically a moderately thick, narrow bar of stone with a specific level of abrasiveness and hardness.

  • abrasive masonry wet cutting wheel for reinforced concrete

    Abrasive Masonry Wet Cutting Wheel for Reinforced Concrete

    The masonry wet cutting wheel is designed to be used with water and ideal for cutting cured concrete, reinforced concrete, rebar, stone, concrete pipe & more. Don't miss out. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about offers, tips and upcoming events.

  • angle grinder accessories | angle grinder discs | homebase

    Angle Grinder Accessories | Angle Grinder Discs | Homebase

    Stanley 115mm Stone Cutting Disc Pack - STA32810-QZ. £9. Stanley 230mm Stone Cutting Disk Pack - STA32815-QZ. £19. Stanley Fatmax Diamond Disc 115mm Cont Rim - STA38002-XJ while we also have metal and stone cutting discs in a variety of sizes. Diamond discs are known for their durability and fast cutting speeds, and are the perfect way to

  • stihl diamond cutting wheels | stihl usa

    STIHL Diamond Cutting Wheels | STIHL USA

    STIHL quality diamond wheels are designed to maximize the performance of your STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine for high-speed cutting of the most demanding materials found on your worksite. Ensure your machine is able to deliver optimum performance on a wide range of sizes and composites by pairing it with the correct wheel.

  • concrete cutters and chainsaws for cutting concrete

    Concrete Cutters and Chainsaws for Cutting Concrete

    STIHL concrete cutters are compact, lightweight and built with maneuverability in mind, giving them the versatility that makes them ideal for a wide variety of construction and renovation projects. Designed for deep cutting and square corners, our concrete cutters deliver the enhanced performance to handle your toughest jobs.

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